S/S 2014 woman's collection

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Limen, the Spring/Summer 2014 collection of Trenta7 by Eleonora Moccia, articulates the concept of threshold, exploring the undefined and indefinite notions of liminal space. This idea of the imprecise boundary discovers approximation and irregularity in points of entry, borders of confinement, and places of connection: a relationship of inclusion/exclusion between similar and heterogeneous elements of the same piece.Limen enlists a sense of separation, recognizing the breakage and reunification of the invisible thread running through a space; Limen seeks union in diversity and recognition in discontinuity, a connection of naturally interrupted parts.

The collection’s complementary geometric contrasts, style solutions, and formal codes portray the interaction between levity and severity. Lines and materials cross and overlap with each other, outlining the profile of the foot while crossing the line between the masculine and the feminine world. Vertical slits open up leather sandals or décolleté. The collection features transparencies that let the shape of the foot show through the leather, generating amazing patterns in basic colors like white, black, and beige.

The collection also features the return of the briefcase clasp, a hardware choice dear to the designer; for the upcoming season, the brand re-imagines these closures in transparent or full color PVC, a material experimentation fit to carry this look into the upcoming seasonal transition.